Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Holly the Christmas Caravan

Hello, are you ready for Christmas?  I wish I was!  I have been trying my best to get my little "Christmas Caravan" ready, perhaps not the first thing on everybody's mind at this time of year but she does have the right name old Holly doesn't she!  She is a small but perfectly formed Lady, when we brought her home she did have her problems, well she is probably about the same age as me and I have my age related "quirks"

If I recap she was owned by a young man who I guess had started to rip out some of her bits, decided it wasn't to be, so I took it  from there!

I don't know of another make of caravan that has this lovely "quilting" on its exterior, it is a bugger to paint though!  Holly's exterior was rather mucky..

Her interior was no different!

The front internal wall has been replaced and the window re-fitted to cure a long term leak!

The wardrobe had been ripped out so we needed to replace that too... Well my Dad and DB did!  The electrics were a little "different"  So that needed sorting too.

I like scrubbing the external lights, they normally have many years worth of green stuff on them but come up like new!

I hope you agree she is looking refreshed with lots of TLC,  there seemed to have been a lot of little jobs to do on Holly, a few big jobs too but the little ones, like replacing doors, handles, window trim etc all seem to take up so much time!  She is worth it though as now she can be used for happy holidays.

Merry Christmas from Holly!

If you are working on your own caravan how about going over to facebook and joining the group "thehappycaravan" HERE All ages and styles of caravan welcome if you love your van and want to show and tell? In the new year we will be talking exterior caravan paints, sharing our experiences with several brands.  Come and say hello.  Best wishes to you for Christmas and I will be back in the New Year, lots of love Sharon xx


  1. I think Holly looks fab, have a great Christmas! :) x

  2. Well little Miss Holly is looking rather beautiful in her new fittings. I hope you enjoy your rest and have a great Christmas.

    Peg xx

  3. Wow, it looks amazing! Looking at your caravans has made me want to get them, such a big transformation from the beginning photos, your guys are very good at what you do!!! If only I had the money to buy this little beauty!


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