Monday, 2 December 2013

Damp in a vintage caravan!

Hello, gosh its December already!  This year is drawing to a close which in some ways I am happy about as it has been a very hard one for me and my family personally.  Caravan related issues have been a different matter!  I haven't managed to save as many caravans this year as I would have liked but then I have found one for Keeps!  I am excited for next year, we hope to have our Ace Globetrotter ready for use in the Spring (well as near as possible)  My Sister and her family have moved into a beautiful new home which is walking distance from a fab little caravan site!  How cool is that, they can wander up for breakfast BBQ and her little ones can run around the campsite!

Back to reality and we are a long way off that just now but we did get to spend some time working in her yesterday.  She has fibreglass to the front and rear which was joined rather roughly to the rest of her aluminium body which meant it has been raining in for some time!  A couple of weeks ago DB Removed all the old seams, cleaned it all up and re-sealed meaning she can now begin to dry out!  So then yesterday we began removing the soggy wood, then some of the soggy wooden frame!!!  Oh dear there isn't much of her left!

Mmmm.... We have managed to save the bunks front and back!  Next job will be to remove the kitchen and wardrobe, at least the middle bit is dry he he.

I am dreaming of William Morris wallpaper..... I think that will be a long way off do you?

Now, this week I hope to get the lovely little Holly ready!  She will be Holly the Christmas Caravan!  

Watch this space!

  How are your caravans coming along? 

Have a great day, love Sharon xxxx

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  1. Hi Sharon
    I just wanted to say I came across your blog when looking for ideas on style for my van on Pinterest which lead me to your lovely blog here. I know my van isn't a caravan but a coach built little Bedford Bambi but little did I know when I purchased her before Christmas hidden beneath the ceiling was a whole load of damp. So reading your damp in Holly van has helped me & my son to keep going and tackle it ourselves and we are slowly doing it. Think I'm going to paint the melamine kitchen units too.
    Cheers Lin


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