Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Caravan Damp

Hello, good morning!  I do hope your caravan survived the storm?  Luckily we in the North West seemed to have missed it completely?  I know there have been some devastating effects around the country!

I have been working on little Holly the Holivan, It took me many hours to scrape off and sand all the green mould and moss that had grown over her roof! Yuk, it was a bit smelly and very very green!  I forgot to take a picture (sad face) as that certainly was worth a before and after shot!  I found that a wallpaper scrapper proved a very useful tool for removing green stuff!

DB took out the front window which is fixed, we discovered that the damp at the front had come from what we guess was an original fault?  The window capping didn't fit so could it have been slowly leaking for all her life?  Thank fully not too much of the frame was damaged and DB only had to replace a "smallish" amount.

Yuk!  Smelly dampness!

I like scraping all that nasty stuff out! It had a bit of a mushroom smell about it!

It always looks a bit better and certainly smells better when its all gone!

Eeeeee! Thanks DB

Looks very "airy" without a window...

Looking a bit better already!

The wallpaper has gone in the loo, and the window is back in.  When I ripped up the carpet in the loo it was soaked with what I imagine is diesel!  Our random guess was that perhaps her previous owners kept a generator in there for use on sites without power??????  More stinkyness.

Anyway, I have scrubbed and cleaned and am getting on with undercoat!  All her doors have been removed and Dad has made a new wardrobe to replace the one that was ripped out.  When we collected her from her previous owner (Tom) he told how his intention was to give her a make-over.... I think he stopped at ripping the wardrobe out?  It must happen often, that peeps have big dreams of  transforming their new caravan purchase only to discover it isn't always a simple task and if you are working full time and have children or other commitments it can be hard to find the time.  It is worth it, you won't get it done in a weekend but it can be very satisfying and you  have to put the hours in.  It is without a doubt a labour of love!

I hope to make good progress this week and show you some pictures!  I also have a little something else to show you, I have purchased some old lights and vintage shades and have set about transforming them for Holly and of course my gorgeous Ace.  See you soon

Love Sharon xx

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  1. You really do poor love, sweat and tears into them.....will be looking great in no time! :) x


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