Sunday, 10 March 2013

Sally's progress

Happy Mothers Day!

Not sure I can believe I am blogging on Mothers Day!!???  I am a busy lady at present, if you haven't done already then please do go over and say hello on my Facebook page or if it is easier you can email me!  I do apologise for neglecting Mr Blog land of late... I am working on 3 caravans at the moment and I am a one woman show (yes I do get help from Hubby, Dad and Mum) so please be patient with me... pretty please!!!??  

Sally is coming along nicely her loo room is back in place

On the left of the picture... of course it needs painting!

The little kitchen area is coming along too.....

Above the fridge will be a little sink and tap.... below the belling will be a cute little curtain to hide "mess" or cereal or pans?  I have Dad on the case making a cupboard for above the kitchen window for extra storage.

Her seating is almost complete now and I am starting her curtains tomorrow.

She has new electrics with sockets and her spotlights are working!

Enjoy your day and I will post some more pictures as soon as I can,

Love Sharon xx


  1. Shes coming along lovely x

  2. I can't wait to see Sally finished! She's already beginning to look very bonny!

  3. She's looking good! I'm on Facebook too, still have no idea what I'm doing though! :) x


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