Wednesday, 16 January 2013


Hello and a happy new year to you!  I am trying my best, honestly, to bring you a new make-over!  I really have been on the hunt! I do have my eye on a couple so I could be posting some news very soon!  

Hello to my new followers and If you get chance do go and say hi on my facebook page... I would love to hear from you!  And please share any pictures of your own lovely projects too

2012 has been an amazing year for me!  It was the year I decided to start this blog as a way of recording what I do with lovely old neglected caravans!  Before that it was just a bunch of snaps that remained on an sd card in the drawer, now I can look back and appreciate my hard work and it also inspires me to carry on by looking at the before and after pictures when I think what are you doing sharon??  Another good thing to come from all this is that I seam to have inspired some of you guys out there to give it a go yourselves!  Now I know not everybody has the time/patience or enthusiasm to do it (that's where i come in hopefully and you can let me do it for you)  however I think looking at the pictures does help you see light at the end of the tunnel!

Thank you so much for all your supportive and kind comments that you leave here and on facebook they truly mean a lot to me and keep me going when I am fed up of smelly old carpets/leaky joints and knackered handbrakes!  Not to mention hours of sanding and painting...... It is so rewarding when the hanging of curtains and cleaning of windows ready for pictures begins.  I can then start all over again!

May 2013 bring many more happy caravans, and whatever it is that you wish for, I know I am rather late but hey, better than never?

I plan to do a few little collages of caravan pictures this year I have had a little practice above and quite like the results so you will be getting a few of these in the near future (I hope)

I have not been wasting my time you know!!!  I have been purchasing bits and bobs for this years beauties including this batch of amazing vintage wallpapers from a lovely lady called Ada who writes a craft blog and also sells some of her wallpaper collections on her etsy shop.  You can find her papers here.

How lovely are these!!!!!!!  I just need somewhere to put them now... unless I use a bit at home just to practice?   That's another story.... I have been busy doing "stuff" at home too as once I get a van to work with there will be no time for things like this.......

There, that looks better doesn't it!  I have neglected my home of late in favor of caravan interiors so it was nice to freshen up a little for the year ahead!  Now... where am I going to put these?......

I really do hope to be able to introduce you to an old girl soon, in the meantime how are you all getting on with your projects?

Love Sharon xxx


  1. Wow, your floor looks fab, those wallpapers are going to look gorgeous! :) x

    1. I have sore knees and a bad back, will send you a pic of my wall when its done! x

  2. liking your caravan mosaics, and that shiny new floor is gorgeous

    1. Sarah my shiny floor has given me a bad back he he, oh well its worth it, thank you, by the way do you sell your cards? x

  3. I love that blue wallpaper! I can't wait to see your 2013 husband is very tempted and has said he will buy us one from you x


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