Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Joaney's palace finished!

Happy Tuesday, at last Joaney's palace is finished! 

Thank you for taking a peek at what I do. I expect most of you lovely people who look at my blog have something in common.... you like old caravans?

I have found that we don't all love them for the same reasons, some of us do love the original break away, with kids or without....... Garden escapes.... Sewing rooms........  
Who cares, its personal.

Whatever, they are a great little space that we can make our own.

I have Mr lurgy and am feeling tired yet I still totally enjoyed photographing my latest little gem to show the world!  

I hope you are well and that you get a little cheer from the following eye candy, take care,
Love Sharon xxxxx

Joaney's palace before;


Sleeping/dining area..before;


To give you an idea of sleeping arrangements..... I made the bed up into 1 huge bed and I am still sewing the canvas for the hammock that goes above (will add that picture later)  I do believe you could sleep 2 adults and 2 little uns quite comfortably!

I persuaded 6' Son and 5'6" Daughter (may as well be adults) to model for me, they said it was very comfy and there was room for some small people too!  So there you have it, thanks kids!

OOps forgot the exterior!



Amelia that's rude!

P.S.  Will be starting with the "helpful" pages in a few days and of course the VIKING FIBRELINE xxx
Joaney's palace is for sale on ebay..... Vintage caravan for sale


  1. Lovely,lovely,lovely!!!
    Groetjes, Gerda

  2. Dank u, dank u, dank u? Gerda!
    Sharon xxx

    1. Sorry, I didn't see this before.It's correct dutch.
      I hope you are happy with the amount of money you got for the caravan. I'm saving now for the moment I can buy one, I'm planning on next year.

      groetjes, Gerda

  3. You've done a lovely job on the caravan! I have just finished renovating my 1970 Viking Fibreline - she is now looking gorgeous!!

  4. You have made a lovely job with the caravan! I have just finished my viking fibreline renovation!

  5. Hi. Lovely work on her. What paint did you use on the outside please? Just doing a Vanroyce out which we have had to 80% strip the interior walls as they were soggy! Thanks :-D

  6. She looks great, when I win the lottery I will definitely buy one! Until then please keep posting your lovely pictures for me to drool over! Ada :)

  7. Hi just bought a 1970 sprite alpine...what paint did u use outside thanks

    1. Hello Val, do take a peek at my post on "painting a caravan"
      Sharon x


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