Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Vintage caravan Woman returns!

Hello, long time no see!  How are you getting on with your project?

I thought I would ease myself back into blogging by starting off with lots of pictures first, I am making the most of this lovely late Summer we are having are you?  My aim is a couple of practical posts as I get a lot of emails and messages for help.  In the meantime I would like to share my own caravan with you too, she is a Thomson Glenmore and has 2 doors!  One on each side he he....  We took her to Norfolk in August and had the best time, I hope you enjoy the pictures for now.

Have a great day
Sharon x

Then the was lovely Dorris who went to her new home

Moving swiftly along (oh I wish I could wave a wand and the work is done) Blood sweat and tears later..

She looks much happier now!

So now we have the latest update!  Abbey

Nearly there!

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Being tall and caravans

Hello and a happy Thursday to you!

We have been busy with our Globetrotter, we may have even gotten closer to a name for her courtesy of my lovely niece Esme!  "CARLY THE CARAVAN"  Thank you Esme I rather like Carly.

We began putting the furniture back in last weekend and my was I a giddy kipper,!  At last, DB and I sat on (or slumped on) the sofa after a hard weekends graft with cheesy grins on our faces and with a whopping sense of achievement! By eck it does feel good to have eventually got this far, anybody who is or has attempted the same project will know exactly what I am talking about!

So, this week I have mostly been....

Sanding and painting! Yipee!

Some of the original furniture is very dark or damaged and really rather ugly so I have painted some of it white.  I am playing around with the rest as I am quite liking a bit of a miss match of painted and "reclaimed" looking wood.

I also did this to the door!

I am loving this wallpaper! It has so many colours in it, which can only mean one thing,  I can play with fabrics till my heart is content! 

What is that yellow thing at the top?  Did you notice? That brings me to the title of this post.....

  When this little caravan was built, and most others around the 1960's and 70's folk were generally a wee bit smaller don't you think?  My husband is 6 foot tall and he can only stand upright right in the centre of the caravan and being a man of shaved head he has not much protection up top (ahem) so he quite often has the misfortune of getting a nasty graze or worse on the top of his head when stepping in and out (especially out) 
 I am quite sure many of you fellow caravaners will know what I am talking about?  Well anyway, the previous owner must have had the same problem and I don't know if you can buy something like this ready made or if it was a clever DIY  "head softener"?   I think I like DB not grumpy and not with a sore head so this excellent device is definitely staying!

  As you have to seize every opportunity to use vintage fabric when you can  this is what I did and I am sure you could knock one up with a wooden dowel and some wadding!  Here goes;

Obviously I had to remove it from its original home which was simply screwed from the outside in and it came off for a scrub!

A selection of fabrics narrowed down

I am a fan of spray adhesive, no particular brand, I find it useful for all sorts of stuff!  Even sticking the insulation to the roof before the boards went on!  A good craft staple I say.

Two screws back in through the outside, making sure you don't alter the door closing properly so you may have to fiddle about a bit but there you have it, a softer landing for DB's head.

Have a great weekend, how are  your projects coming along?

Sharon xx

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Ace Globetrotter

I know, its shocking!  It has been so long since my last post.  I have started a new post many times over the last few months but never finished them.  Times have changed since I began doing up old caravans and so I thought perhaps I needed to change the way I do things or the way I post?  Owning a vintage caravan has become so popular since Mr George Clarke made a few TV shows about conversions of small spaces!  

I have also noticed over the years that more and more peeps are using them for business purposes, catering, beauty and props are some of the more popular choices and why not as caravans can be quite useful little spaces!

It is becoming harder to find poor neglected souls of late as so many people now see their potential!  Is it possible that this year caravan sites across the land will have an array of colourful vintage ladies (or gents) on their pitches instead of lines of white plastic boxes?  

I would like to share my own caravan with you, I cannot wait to take her on her jollies and am hoping to have her ready for Easter as it will also be my Birthday!

You may remember that she is an Ace Globetrotter and as yet we cannot date her but from the furniture we guess 1960's.  Her front panel and back panel are made of fibreglass and the rest is aluminium.  The way she was put together is probably why she was absolutely sodden when we brought her home, so many joints poorly sealed slowly leaking for the last 40 years!  Perhaps that is why I have never seen another like her?

Anyway... she has had every seam taken off, cleaned and re-sealed, she has had a large part of her frame replaced and all of her walls and ceiling now have to be put back.  Bearing in mind caravan's are built on a "line"  so from the inside out which means getting the furniture out is a bugger!

I have begun painting her exterior and I am excited to be planning her interior furnishings which is THE best part is it not???!!!!

Before I show you some pictures I would like to welcome new followers to the happy caravan, and thank you so much for your continued support and kind comments.  I hope I can continue to inspire and help you with your own projects in the years to come!

I do love some of the stickers on her rear window but I would like to see out of the window!  I have carefully selected a few gooduns that will stay.

I have to finish her exterior but as I hear the weather is set to improve next week.. Bobs your uncle and I am looking forward to it!

The interior of my poor dear was particularly pants!  Her curves were beautiful and little drawers charming, unfortunately we had to take it all out and it was hard work.  Of course the more you remove the more you find!  It was back to basics..

Then DB took the door out!

And the windows!.....

And everything else really.. Somebody did comment "be careful she doesn't blow away in the wind"

But as you can see, he did start to put everything back and a good job he does too!  New frames around the windows and other parts of the frame

Look at that nice new wood, its not black and it smells nice!

We then put in some insulation (I have been doing it too honest) before we have finally been able to start putting the walls back and I am such a giddy kipper as the best part is finally within sight...FABRIC.

Ooops, forgot the ceiling, will remind the very talented DB to do that this weekend while I make him lots of bacon butties and cups of tea!  

Its good to be back, how are you getting on with your caravan?

Love Sharon xxx